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Jake Eckert’s CD Release Party! Sat March 26th!

Not to be Missed! is going to be my endorsement from time to time on a show that I feel everyone should be at, aka Not to Be Missed.

This week, Jake Eckert, longtime axman of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band will be releasing his debut solo album Roll On. Jake is a dear friend, and a helluva guitar man. His work with the Dirty Dozen is very versatile as it has to be seeing that a guitar is not your traditional Brass Band Instrument. Roll On, recorded over the last few years shows the musical journey of a man playing his heart out over a wide range of styles.

“Oak Street Rag”, an ode to the Maple Leaf and the regulars who come to every show time and time again, is a fitting anthem for one of the funkiest places on earth. Songs like “Get Back What You Been Giving”, and “Sooth Me” will be played over and over again as the new mating calls for late night Tulaners dancing their assess off at 3:00AM during at jazzfest.

Most of the album is packed full of horn heavy tunes driven by Jake’s bluesy vocals and fat guitar riffs. He is joined by some of the heaviest cats in New Orleans including George Porter Jr, Terence Higgins, Joe Ashlar, and Cornell Williams. This band is tight, and his touring band includes an all star cast too.  Here’s the list for Saturday’s Show:

Cornell Williams – bass/vocals (Jon Cleary’s Absolute Monster Gentlemen)

CR Gruver – keys/vocals (Outformation)

Jeff Watkins – saxophones (James Brown, Joss Stone)

Mac Carter – drums (Tribal Butterfly, Choke)

The final track on the album, “While You’ve Been Sleeping,” is a standout from the rest of the album. Just a slide guitar and vocals, the song plays like a Mississippi Lullaby for your loved one. Extremely moving and powerful lyrics, its a great contrast to the high intensity shake your ass funk that dominates the album. I really cannot stress how damn good this album is and its only half the reason you should come to the show.

The other reason to come to the show is that seeing some artists, Jake included, at the Maple Leaf is the equivalent of the Saints with their home field advantage. The Maple Leaf feeds into certain musicians, and this back and forth creates something that puts the musicians and the audience over the edge. Its a place of Magic, and music animates the entire room giving it a life of its own. A few weeks back Jake blew the roof off D.B.A. and this time its going to be even crazier. I also suspect since Jake has performed with so many cats in New Orleans and beyond that a lot of great musicians stop by to sit in, and when that happens you get the chance to see some of the most impressive and unique collaborations happening that night. So while you may be tired from Hogs for the Cause (an all day BBQ event at City Park with a killer lineup) this show is Not to be Missed!

You can check out a few cuts from the new album here!

Place: The Maple Leaf  8136 Oak Street

Date: Saturday March 26th 2010

Time: 10:00pm

Forcast: Extremly Funky with a high chance of Blues!