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Links, Resources, and Cool Places!


This is a list I’ve compiled over the years of different places, blogs, and organizations that are worth checking out.

Friends and Interesting Places:

WWOZ is a non-profit community-supported radio station in New Orleans, Louisiana broadcasting at 90.7 FM. The station specializes in music from or relating to the cultural heritage of New Orleans and the surrounding region of Louisiana.

Captured Light Photography: Renowned Photographer Bob Compton’s website. A great place to see some really great shots from someone who lives his life shooting music through a lens.

Artist House Music: A great resource dedicated t0 helping musicians and music entrepreneurs create sustainable careers.

The New Orleans Musician Clinic: A clinic that works to provide affordable, comprehensive health care for Louisiana musicians.

The Hype Machine: The Hype Machine keeps track of what music bloggers write about. They handpick a set of music blogs and then present what they discuss for easy analysis, consumption and discovery.

Jambase: is the premiere location for live music, concert tickets and concert information. Search the world’s largest database for tens of shows, updated daily.

Dino Perrucci Photography: A Great Photographer who lives his life shooting some great music.

Jeffrey Dupuis Photography: A Funky Guy taking extra Funky Pictures!

Louisiana Music Factory: A record store that specializes in New Orleans music, Cajun music, Zydeco music, New Orleans jazz, blues, R&B, and other regional music.


The Vinyl District: The Record Store Day Blog

In the kNOwLA: A hyper-local New Orleans media organization that focuses on promoting positivity, entrepreneurship, and awareness in the New Orleans community.

9 Giant Steps: A blog that discusses ways in which creative people can more productively and efficiently create and build passionate constituencies.

Music that Makes you Dumb: A Funny page that matches SAT scores to kids favorite bands with some interesting results.

Tour Smart: A site authored by musician Martin Atkins on DIY Touring and how to make the most out of your band. A very smart man, Atkins offers insight into touring and ways to get your music career off the ground.

Music Think Tank: A Place where the Music Industry thinks aloud.

New Music Strategies: A place for Music, Culture, Strategy, and Thinking in the Digital Age.


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