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Design:  I will work with you first discussing the direction and vibe of the project and how best to implement your vision you have. From there a design and proofs will be created for review. After exchanging proofs and design any editing is made, the project will be finalized and a final proof sent and made ready for printing.

Single Design: Single designs can be made for a range of promotional material including Show Flyers, Handbills, Business Cards, Download Cards, Web Banners, Tour Passes, Album covers Etc.  We work with a wide range of media / material and can accommodate you for all of your design needs.

Coordinated / Bundle Designs: Whether embarking on a new tour or album rollout we can put together a design packages that reflects a new message / look / attitude for your project. Items will be designed across the board to reflect the new work and create a coordinated style / look for your project.

We also offer photographic services including portraits, band shoots, and live music photography.

Website Design: A website is an essential tool for any band. It can be a home for fans to discover your music and to keep up to date with your music. Below are two examples of our design work.

Please email for more information.


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