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The Vidacovich Wolves

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On any given Thursday night one can make their way over to the Maple Leaf and find something interesting. One of my weekly favorites, Johnny Vidacovich and George Porter host “the Trio” usually rotating out another musician each week. Over the years there have been an endless number of guests just blowing the roof off the club with that late night improvisations. Off the top of my head Luther Dickenson, James Singleton, and Johnny Vidacovich was a standout. . . as was Raymond Weber, Robert Walter, and George Porter Jr. Most recently we were treated to the sounds of Hammond B3 Master Ike Stubblefield with George and Johnny.

In a funny way I like to look at Thursdays nights as a New Orleans Interview.  .  . So I’ve heard your music and seen you play, but can you come down to the leaf on Thursday and really hang? I mean George Porter Jr and Johnny Vidacovich are two pillars of New Orleans Music. Johnny’s played with everyone from John Scofield, Astral Project, Professor Longhair, Dr. John, and the list goes on. George held down the beat playing Bass for the Meters,  and later worked with Warren Haynes, Dr John, Professor Longhair, and on top of all that he’s one of the hardest working musicians in town.

The way these two musicians lay down a rhythm section for their guest is just outstanding. One of the items that carries over week to week is how well both Johnny George and whomever they invite to play all perform seamlessly as if they were just friends conversing over drinks at a table.

Anyways so tonight George will be out of town reuniting with The Meters (If only i had a plane ticket) so Johnny has invited The Ghost Wolves, and Austin duo to perform with him.  The duo featuring guitarist Carley Wolf and drummer Jonathan Konya has a distinct sound of its own that conjures thoughts of whiskey saloons and good old fashion rock n roll.
I’ve known Ghost Wolves Drummer Jon Konya for the better part of five years now, having met him as we were both freshman music students at Loyola. The guy has a very good flow to his playing, and  from his work with American Gypsy blues band the Belleville outfit to his college  days of improv jazz with the Two Headed Boy Quintet, I’m very interested to see him play opposite Johnny V tonight at the leaf.

So make sure to come out and see some double drum madness tonight, cause nothing else in town measures up.

Here’s a track of Johnny with John Scofield
Cissy Strut (John Scofield, Johnny Vidacovich)

And one of the Ghost Wolves


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