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So It was a great weekend full of BBQ music and friends, and I’ve been recovering on the couch and haven’t really had the time to delve into anything for the word.

Some things on my mind this week and things I’ll be covering over the near future:

Who is Leo Watermeier and why does he hate New Orleans Music?

Just a quick preview about this guy, he is a former mayoral candidate and constant curmudgeon to the local community. He has been involved in numerous actions and suits and filed grievances against King Boldon’s, WWOZ, and  most recently Donna’s Bar. He is an outspoken critic of any and all live music, and has stated that most New Orleanians don’t like “Jazz.”

Artist Development and New Orleans

Why is there no culture of Artist Development in New Orleans? Opening Acts are rarely given opportunities in a setting that will bring new fans to their music. There also doesn’t seem to be any sense by local venues of a strategy to help garner new fans for opening acts. More on this soon.

French Quarter Festival Previews!

On the music front!

There’s a James Black tribute featuring some new transcribed pieces of his work at Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse on March 29th. I love James Black, and he’s one of those cats you never heard of but kills it in so many ways. The musicians playing will be Steve Masakowski on guitars, pianist David Torkanowsky, and drummer Ricky sebastian.

This weekend the Radiators are performing two nights at the Maple Leaf, HoneyBoy Carencro is releasing a CD at the House of “Rules” and even though I can’t stand the venue for a myriad of different reasons, some acts you jsut have to bite your teeth and go. I’m not to familiar with Honeyboy, but on the first listen he sounds pretty good,he’s backed by some great musicians, and Khris Royal’s Dark Matter will be opening, so enough said.  This weekend seems to be the calm before the storm as next week is stacked full of awesome shows that I wish I could attend, however I will be in New York.

And Thats the Word.


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